When you think about wild horses, you probably have a vision that pops into your mind of a herd running free in the West. Horses played an important part in America’s history from Spanish explorers, to western expansion and even providing recreational opportunities today. These majestic creatures have been protected as national treasures since 1971 when Wild Horse Annie united school children across the land to write letters to Congress. And while America’s wild horse herds still roam on public lands they are facing new issues. Over population and declining resources are forcing many horses from public lands and into government holding facilities, where American tax payers spend millions on their care each year.

The Mustang Heritage Foundation’s mission is to increase successful adoptions of wild horses held in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) wild horse holding facilities. More than 42,000 horses reside in BLM short-term and long-term holding corrals and pastures and are in need of adoption. The BLM removes horses from the range in order to sustain natural resources (grass and water) necessary for the wild horses and other wildlife to live on public land. The Mustang Heritage Foundation works with horsemen and –women who have the knowledge, experience and facilities to gentle and or train a wild horse. Every time a horse is adopted and moved from BLM holding facilities, it saves taxpayers more than $10,000 per animal.

But more importantly, it transforms the wild horse into a sensitive, yet hardy, authentic equine partner. The horse is not the only one being transformed by the experience. Horsemen and- women find that working with a wild horse creates an unspoken bond while also improving their horsemanship skills. We hope Mustang Million, and other MHF programs, serve as a reminder to Americans of our equine heritage and thus inspires you to adopt one of these living legends in an effort to protect the wild herds, our ranges and resources for future generations.

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